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Why Personhood?

By Rev. Walter B Hoye II "The term 'non-person' has emerged as the most far-reaching and disastrous epithet ever invoked to devalue human life in the womb. When the United Sates Supreme Court's Roe v.

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Thomas Paine, Common Sense, Abortion and the United States Supreme Court

Abortion and the Supreme Court By Thomas A. Glessner, Attorney at Law The American patriot Thomas Paine helped to fuel the American Revolution with his classic essay Common Sense. In this essay Paine proclaims: " [A]

Personhood — A Person’s a Person No Matter How Small — Part 2

Part 2 on Personhood By Thomas A. Glessner, Attorney at Law (Note: This is the second of a series of commentaries that discusses the concept of "personhood" and Constitutional protection for all "persons.") Dr. Suess,

I Have A Dream Speech