Spread the Word About The Declaration of Dependence

Tell your elected representatives that you signed the Declaration and challenge them to do likewise!

4th-gallery-imageAn objective of the Declaration of Dependence is for American citizens to unify around the life principles that are explained in the document. We want to challenge our elected representatives, both at the federal and state levels, to also sign the The Declaration of Dependence.

Below are tools for you to use to locate your Congressional Representatives, Senators, state Governor, and state Representatives and provide them with a letter supporting The Declaration of Dependence.  A pre-written letter for you to download and send is provided, as is a phone script for you to use when calling your elected representatives.   Social media sharing tools are also provided for you to help SPREAD THE WORD!


Form Letter

Download our form letter in PDF format to fill in your name, your elected representatives name and personally sign.

Phone Script

Use our phone script to tell your elected representative about the Declaration of Dependence, why it’s important and how they can sign the Declaration as well

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